What is it that sends you in this body?

And can make you leave at anytime?

Who is really that teaches you all?

And fails your philosophies all the time?

How does that happen that you suddenly start raging?

And then something forces you to survive by surrendering?

When you feel like leaving, someone would always want you to stay?

For the shelter during adversity who told that nothing can help but pray?

Who is that gives you the peak and has power to make you broke?

When you are able to afford all, that something gives you sudden heart stroke?

How come you are abandoned by everyone when you are depressed?

Those whom you love unconditionally, how come they feel by you they are suppressed?

What is it that keeps you at something and nothing let satisfy you?

How the silence that you love, shouts to define your purpose and what to do?

In the moment of boomerang when you scream asking “why?”

You look for the answers but why no one comes down from the sky?

Who taught you to measure that black and that white?

But then who sends those clouds to make you dwell in the grey sight?

Does it begin with this body that is used to earn a dime?

Then why not spend it first to “SLICE THE COIN”?


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