Don’t just try to run away

And don’t just try to hide,

You are never going to find

The place that feels right.


When the purpose of life

Is grand than what’s been told,

Don’t struggle to shout for lies

Invest in yourself that’s so bold.


When the sounds are chaotic

And nothing at all makes a sense,

Anger is a loser’s job

Know that you are in the right game.


When the weight of your lightness

Is heavier than environment’s weight,

Smile over their discomfort

You are heading towards a better change.


There is nobody that hates you

Shallow is what all you take personally,

They are just so much drowned in their filth

And might sometime catch you brutally.


Just keep it going

To never die in the hell,

The more you will live

You will know the heaven very well.




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