Don’t ask me to eat

When you are hungry to the core,

The more you ask me

I can measure your guilt that have soared.


Don’t be so serious

Its just the drama after all,

In the theatre where earth is a stage

You can anytime switch your role.


Did you just ask me?

What is my role?

I do nothing at all

Except refining my character that rolls.


Did you just tell me?

You don’t get what do I say?

Let me just tell you

You need to upgrade your role to play.


Enough of living the drama

On the matrix of vulnerability,

Just take out some time

To preach yourself with sincerity.


Don’t just say it’s easy to say

Doing is the difficult part,

Ask if you are a parasite

And have lost the master-yourself art.


Your emotions are mystical

Unless thats dying merely for sympathy,

While you do drama within a drama

On social media and false virtual reality.


Stop the exaggerated drama

And do some real work,

Just dive in the life’s ocean

Its not the end of the world.










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