PokerBelly & No-Limit Game

With the standard set of rules

Defined and redefined in those books,

You absorbed them and kept winning

While you were raising the pot.


Standard rules are just in the books

Same as fixed small and big blinds,

& while you were busy counting the fishes

I raised the bet upto river with pocket kings.


Whosoever is bankrolling you

Doesn’t matter on high stake table,

You just can’t escape the bad beat

From a queen playing in G-string at the table.


While you are reading others cards

You just missed the magnetic moments,

You reached at the full tilt

And yet badly ignored like a baby ignorant.


There is no such thing as winning

With standard rules in no-limit game,

Do you know who is a “Poker-Belly”?

Thats one table on spin with billions in game.





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