When life is playing Matrix

Since the very early age,

I can see the variables multiplying

And I always looked for modern sages.


In the squares of Matrix

I’m too careless for a defeat,

While my arms have a pain

I think of my purpose, at repeat.


There is no purpose in life

And I am fine breathing in right now,

I will figure out original idea of heaven

Behind my birth and what am I doing right now.


I just stepped in Matrix

For what I was then and now,

Let me just love the life little more

And milk it like a holy cow.


While I play on squares of Matrix

I am learning to draw my inner circle,

I like circles drawn over Matrix

And their size getting triple.


My father once told me

Chess seems a waste of time,

Nerdly curious I did the opposite

And I am back well in time.


On the Matrix of the chess

Daddy was drawing his inner circle,

Someone just confirmed me recently

His obsession for chess seems a wrong signal.


I don’t know & I am lost

In my own inner circle,

Matrix of life doesn’t scare me at all

Life is a grand-master to solve her own puzzles.


What often makes you loose your originality?

Am I purely natural as myself?

I’m asking the questions to me right now

Can that be known by playing it safe?



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