When the checkmate was given

And I struggled with “Who am I?”,

Back in days I didn’t like algebra

I wish I knew the game of X & Y.


I yet don’t know the complexities

And equations among two variables,

I am just looking at the graph

Plotted right here on the table.


I am completely going nuts

In fusion of maths & biology of X & Y,

Direct approach sometimes is better

So linear equations I just tried.


A cute-heart just told me once

That curves on graph symbolize a learning,

I walked many curves in life since then

To find how linear equations are well fitting.


Curves in life can often

Make you lost from your way,

Watch over when they are steep

That can make you fall & throw away.


While X is increased in his value

Y is more than double & faster by herself,

Thats simple linear equation in straight line

But curves are indeed seductive, to delve.

Aren’t they? YES or NO?



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