When pleasure of the senses

Is getting you just a temporary relief,

And your smartest brain fails

& is asking who is the thief of my peace.


I thought of a solution in child play

And I asked many to come over and play,

I got bombarded with many questions

From all who lost purity & fun of child play.


Few I found gave up on life

Few are living the resistance,

Few imagine and hope for peace

But all struggling for truth & its substance.


We all are together in this, I said

While the life is changing her style,

Perhaps with the help of religion

But on that a heavyweight of science.


Then silence took over for a short while

& suddenly they started growling at me,

I found myself lost in a whirlpool

I was looking for answers even for me.


They got angrier at me & said

We know that you are hiding something,

They were provoked or were provoking me

I don’t know & I don’t take anything personally.


They were all completely restless

And shouted what good are you?

We don’t need the deeds of coward

If you are scared of even telling the truth.


I don’t know anything except one

The truth needs to get out loud,

Only if that gets us a relief

In hiding ofcourse there is no proud.


I don’t know the truth

& have no doubt about what I do know,

But do I have the permission?

From the wind to blow?







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